Bachata is the rhythm of the moment. Everyone wants to learn it and dance it. These are the dance classes where you will learn to dance bachata.

Is not necessary to come in pairs.
You can start whenever you want.
You can go to the class directly and then pay the class or buy a monthly registration.

✅ Is it your first dance or bachata class?
We have the class divided especially for beginners with a teacher dedicated to explaining the basic steps of bachata. So don’t worry, you will learn little by little, you will have a lot of fun and maybe you will be a great dancer. That is our commitment!

✅ How are the bachata classes?
The duration of the classes is one hour each class. You can attend one or several times a week. Learning in dance suits your times. Keep in mind that the more classes you take and the more you practice, the faster you will learn and improve. If it’s your first class, don’t worry. When you come to class you will find 3 levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. The teachers will tell you!

Your first class? Do not you worry about anything! You start from scratch at the initial level.

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